JSP page指令



<%@ page attribute="value" %>


<jsp:directive.page attribute="value" />



属性 目的
buffer Specifies a buffering model for the output stream.
autoFlush Controls the behavior of the servlet output buffer.
contentType Defines the character encoding scheme.
errorPage Defines the URL of another JSP that reports on Java unchecked runtime exceptions.
isErrorPage Indicates if this JSP page is a URL specified by another JSP page's errorPage attribute.
extends Specifies a superclass that the generated servlet must extend
import Specifies a list of packages or classes for use in the JSP as the Java import statement does for Java classes.
info Defines a string that can be accessed with the servlet's getServletInfo() method.
isThreadSafe Defines the threading model for the generated servlet.
language Defines the programming language used in the JSP page.
session Specifies whether or not the JSP page participates in HTTP sessions
isELIgnored Specifies whether or not EL expression within the JSP page will be ignored.
isScriptingEnabled Determines if scripting elements are allowed for use.

buffer 属性:

buffer 属性指定服务器输出的响应对象缓冲特性。